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Application of reverse osmosis

Considering the reduction of 95% of water hardness by reverse osmosis method, this method is used in various industries and is widely used. Among the places where this method is used for water purification, the following can be mentioned:

-Refining salt water and turning it into fresh water
-Water supply to accelerate the growth of plants, livestock and poultry
-Supplying water to pharmaceutical and hygiene factories
-Water production required by steam power plants and combined cycles
-Water supply for hospital dialysis machines-Production of water required for steam boilers

Design and production of reverse osmosis water purifier

Aquark Company; With more than 15 years of experience in designing, producing and manufacturing water and wastewater treatment equipment, he has succeeded in designing and producing an industrial water desalination device or a reverse osmosis water treatment device. All stages of design and production of this device were carried out under the supervision of experienced and professional engineers and after considering many international standards, this product has been presented with the highest quality.


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