Water used in boilers

The main task of water used in boilers is to produce high quality steam. This hot steam is generated, causing the boiler to transfer heat throughout the facility. Given this important task, to ensure the integrity of the industrial boiler, introduce a boiler water treatment plan in your preventive maintenance practices.
Boiler water treatment programs focus primarily on removing chemical impurities that contribute to equipment corrosion. Having the opportunity to control the quality of water used and make regular choices, the optimal conditions for long-term use of the boiler. As a result, it can increase operating efficiency and save on your company’s costs.

Purpose of water purification of boilers:

-Water quality is very important in the correct and safe operation of the boiler. Improper feed water system can lead to flaking of boiler internal parts, safety equipment and auxiliary pipes. Such corrosion can lead to a drop in thermal power, reduced boiler efficiency, and ultimately boiler failure in severe cases.

The destructive nature of untreated water disrupts the steam production process. This adds additional costs to the total cost of the operation. In addition, it reduces the life of the equipment, as a result of which you need to increase capital costs again.

Get alternative water

Water that replaces evaporated or dripping water from a boiler is first received from its source. This resource can include any of the following:

-Untreated water, municipal water, wastewater treatment in the city, wastewater recycling in factories (cooling recycling), good water or any other surface water source.

Chemical coagulation and deposition:

-After removing all the large foreign particles from the main water source, various chemicals are added to the reaction tank. The purpose is to remove suspended solids and other contaminants. This process begins with a set of hybrid reactors, usually one or two reactors that add specific chemicals. As a result, all the fine particles in the water are removed by combining them to form heavier particles that settle.


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