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Procurement Plan

The project manager is responsible for reviewing the project needs with the project team and presenting a schedule that specifies the project supply / equipment supply needs based on the contract terms. The scope of work, the commonalities of the engineering unit, the logistics unit, the employer and the other members involved should be specified in this schedule. Each department must perform its duties efficiently in accordance with the procurement activities, schedule and common funds specified. Scheduling and control of procurement activities, priorities, discrepancies and remedial activities should be supervised by the procurement manager in collaboration with the project manager.

Sources of Supply

Choosing the right supplier can significantly reduce production costs and increase competitiveness in the organization. Choosing the right supplier is one of the most important activities of an organization, and wrong decisions in this field can have negative consequences.

Material Requisition

Inquiry of project goods should include a complete technical description of the goods or services required, including engineering documents, technical specifications, drawings and contract terms. The project product inquiry should fully specify the scope of the vendor’s services, tests, inspections and related technical documentation. The contractor should ensure that the inquiries issued are in accordance with the project procurement schedule. At the beginning of the purchase and control of the goods, the contractor should check that the installation and construction needs are in accordance with the quantitative, quality and schedule conditions. Quality control guidelines, test details, and product certification requirements should be included or attached to the product inquiry.

Send inquiry documents

As soon as the procurement manager receives the inquiry documents and in order to guarantee the real conditions of the purchase, the limited and authorized time to receive the offers and put them in the purchase order according to the technical specifications of the project, will select an appropriate number of certified sellers from the list of sellers. Selecting a qualified seller, project product inquiry documents will be sent to them. One week before the expiration date of the inquiry, the follower will check the receipt of the inquiry documents with the sellers. In case of extension of the tender end date, this issue will be announced to all sellers. A committee will be formed to review and decide on the selected vendors. The contractor will prepare the inquiry documents along with all the technical and economic documents to meet the technical specifications of the project. For cases where there is more than one source to provide them, inquiry documents must be sent to at least 3 vendors on the vendors list or vendors approved by the employer.

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