What is QUARK?

Atoms are made up of particles made up of neutrons and protons. Research on these particles has revealed that the atom is actually a mass of energy.

Quark consists of the most basic components of matter. Combined particles called hadrons are formed by the fusion of quarks. These unified particles are the neuron and the proton. It consists of particles called neutron and proton Quark. Quarks are located inside hadrons. They are not found alone. However, it has not been seen today. It is considered to exist as a result of theoretical calculations. When we try to separate the quarks, the gravitational force increases with increasing distance. And it’s getting harder and harder to tell apart. Quark is the energy of health and vitality for life. It is a high frequency cosmic energy. It is a current of life that flows into the universe in waves, Quark is a life energy that brings positive thoughts and success to the person who supports social life.


AQUAQUARK company, active in the field of water and industrial wastewater, whose goal for the next five years is to improve the installation infrastructure of small and large industries in Eurasia and the Middle East. Precision engineering is a strategy in a win-win environment between companies.


The crisis of water scarcity suitable for individuals and industries in the world is known to all, which has caused many political, economic and social tensions, so we are based on innovative thinking and the latest technologies in the world with the help of experienced engineers and professional managers. We try to improve the situation and reduce the crisis. Our energy and motivation in this direction is a constructive and evolutionary attitude from the smallest particle(QUARK) to the world.


Consulting, design, construction, installation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment systems to supply water required by factories, reduce environmental risks, the risk of sediment and equipment failure, especially heating and refrigeration facilities, and ultimately increase the useful life and reduce costs. Industries and their environmental hazards and promoting the health of industrial infrastructure using the latest technologies in the world

Engineering ، Procurement and Constraction

Production of water purification systems

Production of sewage treatment systems



Commitable and responsive to customer requests and needs.


Ability to access the engineering technical team and send the necessary equipment

Expert technical team

Technical staff specializing in the production, commissioning and maintenance of systems

Great price

Pricing based on product efficiency



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