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Engineering steps in ordering industrial water purifiers

Industrial water purifiers or packages are designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

The first step in ordering an industrial water purifier is to identify the capacity required for purification, which means the amount of discharge of purified water required at the outlet of the device.
The second prerequisite required for ordering industrial or semi-industrial water purifiers is the identification and testing of physical and chemical analysis of incoming water. Raw water entering the device has different physical, chemical and biological analysis according to the source of water extraction, sea water Well water, surface water and treated wastewater are the four sources of raw water entering the treatment plant. The more accurate the tests and related engineering, the more accurate the pre-treatment will be, which will ultimately improve the performance of the equipment.


Purchasing Engineering

The importance of having a purchasing engineering team is felt in many projects today.
It can be said that this team includes a number of experienced engineers who can make a proper connection between the output of drawings, standards, materials and equipment of domestic and international markets. In other words, it can be said that the purpose of purchasing engineering is to provide goods with specifications designed by the engineering unit of the organization, which is done by reputable and capable suppliers. The term engineering emphasizes systematic thinking along with documented quantitative and qualitative analysis in accordance with technical criteria; So by combining purchasing techniques with engineering logic, we can create purchasing engineering. The result is increased productivity in purchasing operations



Workshop engineering

Although in the initial engineering phase, the project engineering team has designed all the dimensions and details of the project, but the reality of the project is determined in the workshop and the site. Although the engineering team is expected to consider all the dimensions and details of the work for actual execution at the time of its design, in many cases the site conditions and execution considerations require that the design done in the engineering team undergo changes. Another very important category in the field of workshop engineering is the application of changes made during construction to the drawings submitted from the site. The execution team, when receiving the drawings for execution, has the duty to mark on the drawings any changes that occur during the execution due to the specific conditions of the work environment or other considerations on the design submitted by the engineering office. The changes made during construction, called Red Mark, will finally be sent back to the engineering office in a new version with a status known as As Built. The As Built map is actually the final version of a document that is re-registered and maintained in the project archive (both on the site and in the office of the engineering team) after making real changes to the relevant document in an independent and new version.

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