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MBBR Systems


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– After anaerobic treatment to remove BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand),
– Before activated sludge systems for high BOD / COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) treatments,
– Development – conversion of existing facilities (lagoons, oxidation ponds and activated sludge plants)
– Nitrogen removal
– As a pre-treatment process in the existing activated sludge system in order to comply with the new regulations

Aqualine MBBR systems can be applied to a wide variety of wastewater flows between 20 m3/ day and 10,000 m3/day.

Aqualine MBBR systems contain small biomass carriers (0.93-0.95 SG) with a density less than water. These carriers provide a large protected surface area for bacteria production and allow the areas to retain active biomass within the bioreactor.  Thanks to the unique design of biofilm carriers, the system is protected from value deviations (pH, temperature, toxic shock) during operation which results in a highly durable system suitable for various loading fluctuations.

Aqualine Gray Water Treatment Systems 
The cost of treatment is low because of the grey water contains low nutrient levels. Gray water is generated from wash hand basin, showers and baths, and this waste water whic can be recycled on- site and for uses such as WC flushing,  gardening and car washing.

Waste water; It is divided into two categories; black water and gray water. Gray water has low nutrient levels and that’s why treatment costs are low.

Gray water is generated from wash hand basin, showers and baths, and this waste water can be recycled on site and used in toilet flushing, garden irrigation and car washing. The technology of Greyline Gray Water treatment plants is based on AQUALINE PTFE MBR System.
It is based. These systems are generally ready-to-use systems and can be designed specifically for needs.

There is no universally accepted definition of gray water. Water from wash hand basin, bathrooms and showers is considered gray water because of its low pollution level and easily biodegradable.
Such water can be treated with UF (Ultrafiltration) systems, sand, carbon systems or balancing tanks filled with aerated and biological media. In the last step, the treated water can be used from the UV system and / or by dosing chlorine. The treated gray water can be used for vehicle washing, garden irrigation and toilet washing.


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