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This company operates with the highest local and international standards by using the leading technologies in the water and wastewater treatment industry, with the power and experience of the process engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation teams.


water treatment

Industrial access to water resources varies from region to region. Therefore, water sources such as rivers, sea water, well water and piped water are used as raw water for water treatment. In addition, surface water and water from industrial wastewater treatment are other sources of raw water supply. Depending on the source of the raw water, the quality of the raw water and the treatment method will be different.


Wastewater treatment

The term “effluent” refers to liquids and solids released by domestic, industrial or commercial water, which are used in human activities and degrade water quality and are discharged into the sewage system. There are two general categories of wastewater: domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater. Domestic wastewater comes mainly from domestic activities and industrial wastewater from the production process. Industrial wastewater treatment is often more difficult than domestic. States Geological Survey (USGS). Among the impacts are harm to fish and wildlife populations, oxygen depletion, beach closures and other restrictions on recreational water use.



The project manager is responsible for reviewing the project needs with the project team and presenting a schedule that specifies the project supply / equipment supply needs based on the contract terms. The scope of work, the commonalities of the engineering unit, the logistics unit, the employer and the other members involved should be specified in this schedule.



The first step in ordering an industrial water purifier is to identify the capacity required for purification, which means the amount of discharge of purified water required at the outlet of the device.
The second prerequisite required for ordering industrial or semi-industrial water purifiers is the identification and testing of physical and chemical analysis of incoming water.



In the manufacturing process, since some steps are performed in the factory and in parallel, there is no need to follow the hierarchy in industrial construction. Many steps can be done simultaneously and in parallel, and the equipment can be brought to the project site for installation and connected to each other.

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At the same time, the demand for safe and fresh water is increasing to meet human needs and support industrial activities…

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A high level Quality Control in compliance with National and In International regulations and standards

Consulting, design, construction, installation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment systems to supply water required by factories, reduce environmental risks, the risk of sediment and equipment failure, especially heating and refrigeration facilities, and ultimately increasing the effective life and reduce costs. Industries and their environmental hazards and promoting the health of industrial infrastructure using the latest technologies in the world

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The Best Industry

One of the ways to improve and increase the economic development of an industrial production unit is to measure its productivity and based on measuring and analyzing productivity indicators, improvement opportunities are defined and the improvement cycle can be done.


The Best Industry

One of the places where we must pay attention to controlling and optimizing water consumption is industry. The use of water is common in all industries and without the presence of this vital substance, it will be impossible to carry out industrial activities. On the other hand, the importance of controlling water consumption in industries has doubled.

Are you looking to increase your company’s water efficiency?

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The company operates using the leading technology in the water and wastewater treatment industry, benefiting from the capabilities and experiences of specialized teams in process, mechanics, electrical, instrumentation and engineering construction with the highest local and international standards.

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For an industrial water purifier, these four steps must be done. In the first step, determine the amount of water required per day. The second step is to prepare the analysis of the water entering the device, the third step is to determine the analysis of the output water, the fourth step is to determine the material and material of the device.

The total cost of maintaining an industrial water purifier is the sum of the cost of electricity, water, chemicals and filters, which varies depending on the capacity of the device.

The analysis of the output water of the device, the desired water production capacity and the material, brand, number of filters, etc., determine the price of the device, which is determined and announced by the engineering department.

This system is used in all industries that have water problems. Agriculture, Greenhouse, Livestock, Poultry, Boiler, Cooling Towers, Drinking Water, Hospitals, Dialysis Hospitals, Laboratories, Electrical System Washing, Sea Water Purification, etc.

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