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Mining and steel industries

In the mining and steel industries, the water used must be of the required quality. If the water is not of the desired quality, the products produced may be of poor quality. Water heat transfer is affected by the modification in it, so it is necessary to constantly monitor and evaluate the amount of salts and ions in the water to conduct electrical conduction and heat conduction in the mining and steel industries well by water. Metal industry effluents contain large amounts of metals. Especially when metal contamination is related to heavy metals, the risk is multiplied. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and copper are dangerous if they are present in wastewater and enter the environment. These materials do not decompose easily and as a result the accumulation of these metals in the environment is very dangerous

There are speculations that the 5-fold increase in the number of people with MS is due to air and sewage pollution from the steel plant. These dangers, in addition to the serious shortage of water and the abundant need of these industries for water, intensify the need for water treatment in the metal and plating industries. Metal industry effluents must be treated before entering the environment and heavy metals must be removed.

In general, the steps in the metal industry include the following:

-Sewage disposal to remove coarse and suspended particles, including metal particles.


-Pump station

Sewage degreasing:

-Depending on the amount of fat in the wastewater, different methods such as CPI, DAF and API were used.

Coagulation process (flocculation):

-At this stage, by adding coagulants, the soluble metal particles become insoluble and form insoluble masses that settle.

Sedimentation of coagulated materials and finally passage of wastewater through sand filter and carbon filter:

-In the steel industry, there are usually a lot of fine particles in the production effluent, so it is necessary for the effluent to pass through the micron cartridge filter after passing through the sand and carbon filter to reach the desired color, clarity and purity.

Work Scope

Aquaquark Engineering and Construction Company is ready to provide water and industrial wastewater treatment services in Mining & steel industries by using modern and optimal treatment solutions.

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The water and wastewater treatment industry is a major industry and other industries are more or less related to this industry due to the supply of water of the desired quality, which along with the demand for water and wastewater equipment and according to the position of Aquark company, there are many requests for the supply of raw materials and industrial machinery. It has been done in various ways and over time, a commercial department has been established in this company, which has been able to carry out additional measures for the supply of goods.



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