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Aerial top view oil and gas chemical tank with oil refinery plant background at twilight.

Oil, gas and petrochemical industry

The oil, gas and petrochemical industry includes various sectors including exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and production of intermediate and final materials and is one of the most important industries in the world. Oil and gas are the raw materials of the petrochemical industry for the production of many chemical products, including drugs, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. The existence of oil, gas and petrochemical industries is vital for many industries, and the industrial world depends on them for their survival. Thus, these industries are of special importance to many countries.

In the wastewater of these industries, small or significant amounts of chemical compounds can be observed. These compounds include raw materials, all intermediate and final products, auxiliary products and auxiliary or process chemicals. Due to the highly variable quality of wastewater and effluent produced in industrial units related to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, it is necessary to conduct treatment studies on each type of industrial wastewater and effluent in order to select the most appropriate treatment model. Various types of common methods of industrial wastewater treatment including physical, chemical and biological processes are used in wastewater treatment of these industries. Pre-treatment operations such as oil separation from water, pH modification, settling and flotation are necessary before directing the effluent to the biological treatment plant. The presence of large balancing tanks upstream is recommended to curb large fluctuations in effluent quality and to dilute toxic substances in it, and the aerobic treatment process is usually recommended by the aerated activated sludge method.

Work Scope

Aquaquark Engineering and Construction Company is ready to provide water and industrial wastewater treatment services in oil, gas and petrochemical industries by using modern and optimal treatment solutions.

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The water and wastewater treatment industry is a major industry and other industries are more or less related to this industry due to the supply of water of the desired quality, which along with the demand for water and wastewater equipment and according to the position of Aquark company, there are many requests for the supply of raw materials and industrial machinery. It has been done in various ways and over time, a commercial department has been established in this company, which has been able to carry out additional measures for the supply of goods.

Poly aluminum Chloride

the top generation of coagulants

Poly aluminum Chloride (PAC) is a new and powerful coagulant and flocculant in water and wastewater treatment processes. The use of this material is increasing dramatically in a wide range of drinking water, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment processes and

In this regard, we have been able to provide high quality liquid polyaluminum chloride to consumers around the world.

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