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Water purification in the pharmaceutical industry

One of the products of the pharmaceutical industry is the production of various waters for injection or research, such as WFI water (used for injection), PW water (pure water) and HPW water (ultra-pure). These waters must have high standards of treatment.All parameters that need to be evaluated and controlled in the water used for the pharmaceutical industry are determined by the USP standard. The most important of these parameters are pH, toxin content, number of bacteria, temperature and electrical conductivity. The water entering the pharmaceutical industry must be treated.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the reverse osmosis method is usually used for water treatment, but due to the high sensitivity after reverse osmosis treatment, resin treatment is also used to modify and remove the remaining ions completely. In areas where water hardness is high, before entering the reverse osmosis treatment system, it is necessary to first purify the water using hardening resin and then enter the treatment by reverse osmosis method.

The pharmaceutical industry is very wide and many different materials are produced in it, so water purification in the pharmaceutical industry is done with different methods and processes. In the pharmaceutical industry, there are different fermentations, organic materials, plant materials and chemicals, each of which requires water with different degrees of purification and produces different effluents. It is imperative that waste be disposed of before the pharmaceutical industry effluent enters the treatment system or municipal wastewater system as it may contain toxic toxins dangerous to living organisms and the environment.


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Aquaquark company includes the most widely used engineering products of purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPW) and injectable water (WFI).

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